These status and error codes are received synchronously upon submitting an outgoing MMS message to the Vibes API. The status codes are classified into the following four groups:

  • 1xxx: Success in operation.
  • 2xxx: Request failed to due to errors in the request.
  • 3xxx: Valid requests that the server could not process.
  • 4xxx: Requests that could not be processed due to service restrictions.
Status CodeStatus TextMeaningRetryable?
1000SuccessThe message was accepted for delivery.N/A
2002Address errorThe Sender or Recipient Address is incorrect; check the StatusText for more details.No
2500Parsing errorUnable to parse incoming request.No
2501Unexpected requestThe Server received an unexpected Request type.No
2502TransactionId not set in requestThe Transaction ID is required, the request should be resent with the TransactionId set.No
2503Carrier Code not validThe Carrier Code set in the request header is not valid.No
2504Validation errorThere was an error validating a request parameter; check the StatusText for more details.No
2999Generic errorCatch all for all other errors in the request; check the Status Text for more details.No
3000Request Processing errorGeneric processing error on the MMSC. This is typically due to a temporary error on the MMSC.Yes
3003Multiple Recipients errorThe Vibes MMSC only accepts requests with a single recipient.No
3500Multiple Attachments errorThe Vibes MMSC only accepts requests with a single attachment. Multiple attachments should be sent as a multi-part message.No
4001Authentication errorThe request could not be authenticated. Check the username and password.No
4002Unsupported versionThe MM7 version of the request is not supported by the MMSC.No
4005Platform reach the capacityThe server message capacity has been temporarily reached. Please try again in a few minutes.Yes
4007User not authorized to send from ShortcodeThe user is not authorized to send from the Source; check with Vibes on the provisioning status.No
4500Code not provisioned on CarrierThe code you are sending from is not provisioned on the carrier.No