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This documentation should be used in conjunction with our complete protocol PDF.

Connecting to the Service

The first step to using the SMPP API is to connect to our services. To do so, you’ll need to provide us with an External Short Message Entity (ESME) implementation and establish binds to the Vibes Short Message Service Center (SMSC) end points. For maximum resiliency, you should plan on establishing a minimum of four bind pairs.

Specific host IP addresses and Ports will be assigned as part of the onboarding process, as well as System_ID and password credentials.

Bind Options & Supported Operations

The Vibes Connect platform supports Transmitter, Receiver and Transceiver binds. As part of the onboarding process, either a VPN tunnel should be established between your endpoint and ours, or you should utilize SMPP/SSL.

Additionally, you’ll need to provide us with IP addresses to be added to our list of trusted connections.

Supported Operations

Currently, the Vibes Connect platform supports the following Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) Operations:

  • bind_transmitter
  • bind_receiver
  • bind_transceiver
  • submit_sm
  • deliver_sm
  • enquire_link
  • generic_nack
  • unbind

Technical Specifications

Message Length

Vibes supports a maximum message length of 900 characters. Messages over 900 characters may be truncated.

Default Timer Settings

The following are the default Timers values on the SMSC. We suggest that the ESMEs use the same timer values.

Timer NameValue
Session Init50 seconds
Enquire Link30 seconds
Inactivity Period150 seconds
Response Timer10 seconds


Each SMPP connection will have a maximum rate limit in messages per second. These limits can either be per bind or per SMSC, based on your preference. The number of binds and throughput limits will be determined as part of the initial setup process.

Your ESME applications should ensure that the application can throttle, that the limit is not exceeded for optimal performance, and to avoid throttle_limit_exceeded errors.

Window Sizes

ESMEs should limit the number of unacknowledged messages to the window size allowed for a bind. The default is 20.

Heartbeat Keeps Alive

We recommend establishing an Enquire-Link at a 30 second interval to keep the connection alive.