Error Codes for Requesting Message Responses

The following codes may be returned when you request a summary of all responses received for a previously sent outgoing message.

Vibes Error Codes (1 - 20)

If you have requested message responses, you may see an internalErrorCode in your response, which indicate an error with the Vibes system. Below are the Vibes error codes for you to reference.

Error CodeDescriptionComments
1No route found to carrier from source address.The carrier has not been setup for this code. (Being replaced, see #8).
2Premium product not found for price point and source address.The requested premium price is not a valid price point for this shortcode.
3Carrier not configured for premium processingObsolete: Included for backwards consistency. Premium is not supported for this carrier on the Shortcode.
4Message has negative premium chargeObsolete: Included for backwards consistency.
5Message not within delivery time window.Obsolete: Included for reference.
6Invalid delivery time window param.Obsolete: Included for reference.
7Message stopped.The message was stopped from being delivered. Used in extreme cases at client's request for a large number of queued messages.
8No carrier route found for code.There is no carrier route for this code (Similar to #1).
9MDN blockedMDN is on block list, and the message was not delivered.
10Multi-Part Message incomplete.One or more parts of a multi-part message was missing and could not be sent.
11Vibes Internal Use.Reserved for Vibes internal use.
12Message capped.This message exceeded the consumer's message amount and was capped.
13Multi-Part Message waiting for parts.Multi-part message expired waiting for additional parts.
14Duplicate Multipart message.A duplicate segment to a multi-part message was received and ignored.
15Subscription not found.Mobile Directory Number (MDN) was not subscribed to the requested list.
16Code Lease not found.No code lease exists for the company and code.

Carrier MT Error Codes (21 - 100)

Carrier MT error codes are errors that occur during the transmission of a message to the carrier. They indicate a failure of the carrier to accept the message for delivery, along with the reason for the failure.

Please note that some of these error conditions should never occur from the carrier due to requirements from Vibes, but their error codes are included in the list for completeness.

Error CodeDescriptionComments
21Message content too long.The maximum message length has been exceeded.
22Message failed due to internal bind configuration error.Contact Vibes Support to check source of configuration error.
23Message failed due to internal error while submitting message.A carrier-specific error has occurred. Contact Vibes Support to check cause of the error.
24Invalid source address (Shortcode).
25Source address blocked.
26Invalid destination address.The destination Mobile Directory Number (MDN) for the message is invalid, due to the following:

- The MDN is not a valid subscriber on the carrier.

- The MDN cannot accept SMS messages.

- A pre-paid user account has run out of funds.

- The MDN account is suspended.For T-Mobile messages, this error could also be due to the following:

- The subscriber is on a blocked list.

- They have message blocking enabled.
27Destination address on a blocked list.The destination MDN has been blocked by the carrier or, in certain cases, the account has been suspended or inactivated due to insufficient funds/payment.
28Carrier message queue full.
29Exceeded allowed carrier throttle rates.
30Carrier failed while delivering message due to temporary error.
31Carrier failed while delivering message.
32Carrier temporarily unable to route message.
33Carrier unable to route message.
34Carrier system unavailable.
35Destination not opted in to receive messages from source address.
36Invalid number of destinations.
37Invalid distribution list name.
38Invalid submit to distribution list.
39Invalid number of messages.
40Invalid scheduled delivery time.
41Invalid Validity Period value.
42MDN not active on the carrier network.The MDN is not currently active based on the response code we have received from the carrier. When this error code is received, the MDN should be removed from any subscription lists.
100Unknown Error while submitting to the Carrier.

Handset Delivery Receipt Error Codes (101 - 140)

Delivery Receipt error responses indicate the failure of the carrier to deliver a message to the phone. They will only be received if the message was requested to receive delivery receipts.

Error CodeDescriptionComments
101Carrier returned that the receipt state of the message is Unknown.No carrier specific disposition was provided.
102Message validity expired before the Carrier could deliver to the phone.
103Message was deleted by the carrier.
104Message was undeliverable by the carrier to the phone.
105Message was accepted on behalf of the phone.
106Message was rejected by the phone.
107The MDN is not opted in for premium/subscription services.Verizon-specific status for an MDN without an Opt-In.
108Carrier failed while submitting message.Verizon-specific status.

1. Not a Verizon Subscriber.
2. Subscriber is without SMS service.
140Unknown Error.A general catch-all error when Vibes is not able to parse the status of the message returned by the carrier.

MMS-Specific Error Codes

These error codes are specific to errors with MMS messages. Note that standard error codes may also be returned.

Error CodeDescription
301Invalid Content Type - The message or content type is not a supported type or maximum size exceeded.
302Invalid element value. The message content had an invalid element value.
303Partial Delivery - Part of the content was delivered successfully but some parts and/or recipients could not be delivered.
304Invalid Message Type Header - The messageType element indicated in the header is not supported.
305Invalid SOAP/MIME body - the SOAP content could not be parsed.
306MMS is not enabled for subscriber.
307MMS Media content exceeds maximum size of 1MB

If you still need assistance, reach out to our Customer Care team, and include the <statusText> in your message.