The HTTP Message API uses HTTP calls to send and receive messages from an end user. Here’s just a few of the things you can accomplish with this API:

For a quick reference to the paths and endpoints, please see below.


The format of all GET methods in this API are:


The format of all POST methods in this API are:
/MessageApi/{method}Carrier Lookup Methods

Server Endpoints

EnvironmentVersionPublic URL
EU3 (deprecated on 11/13/2020; may be removed in future)

Where are the XSD files?

The Vibes MessageAPI does not contain XSD files, primarily to help ensure forward compatibility with future versions.

Required Headers

There are two required HTTP headers when making API calls to the HTTP Message API:

Content Type

Value is text/xml.

Content-Type: text/xml


Basic authentication is used to specify user credentials for authentication and authorization. This header must be present for all API requests, or else an authentication error will be returned. See Authentication for more details.

Authorization: Basic VmliZXNVc2VyOlBhc3N3b3JkMTIz