Vibes Aggregation Developer Portal

Vibes’ Connect APIs provide tier-one service for routing text messages from sender to recipient. In our developer portal, you'll find step-by-step guides and code samples.

Tier 1 Aggregation

By utilizing our APIs, you can both send SMS and MMS messages to your customers’ mobile devices, as well as route any messages they send you to the endpoint of your choice. As a Tier 1 provider in the United States, our aggregation services offer direct connections to mobile carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and regional providers. That means that when you send a message with Vibes, it doesn’t route through any third-party before going to the carrier, ensuring texts are received more quickly than with lower tier providers.

Our APIs

Vibes currently offers three APIs for aggregation, including two APIs for sending and receiving SMS messages and one API to send MMS messages. If you already know which one you'll be using, you can head on over to our API reference tab. If you're not sure which API to use, keep reading to learn more about each API's specific capabilities.

HTTP Message API

This interface allows you to send and receive SMS messages via an HTTP call. You can use this to send messages, set up callbacks, and retrieve carrier information about a specific user. Learn More

SMPP Gateway API

The SMPP API relies on a bind between endpoints, which communicate at a set interval. We recommend that SMPP only be used by aggregators experienced with SMPP. Learn More

MMS Message API

This API allows you to send an MMS using an HTTP call to our API. MMS allows you to include pictures, links, and other media. To do this, we utilize an MM7 Protocol with some custom headers. Learn More

Not in the right place? If you're looking to integrate with our platform, head over to our platform documentation.