While this list is kept up to date, the list is not exhaustive and future errors can be added.

Certain response codes indicate that a request can be retried. If the error is retryable, it means that the error was temporary and may resolve itself on its own. In this case, we recommend you try again later.

Error Codes from the HTTP API

Below you can find a reference chart of the status and error codes that will be returned in the body of the reply and what they mean.

HTTP Status CodeError CodeDescriptionRetryable?
5001000General Processing Error. '%exception%'False
5001001Processing error while handling request.True
4291002Throughput exceeded. Try again later.True
4011010Invalid User/Password.False
4031011User not authorized to send MT messages from code.False
4001020Invalid request format/content.False
4001022Request attribute %name%' has invalid value '%value%'.False
4131023Message Size %Value%, exceeded maximum allowed: %limit%False
4041024Resource not found.False
4061025Code not provisioned on carrier.False
4151026Request media type not supported.

Supported Media Types: '%values%'.
4221027Premium messaging is not supported on this code.False
4221028Request attribute '%name%': '%value%' could not be processed.False
4031029Company not authorized to send MT messages from the provided code.False
4031030User not authorized to send message for this company.False
4221031%mdn% is not a mobile phone number or its carrier [%spid%] is currently not supported.False
4221032Message text length [%length%] exceeds 160 characters.False
4221033Alternative Delivery is not supported for multipart messages.False
4051034Method not allowed.False

Example Response

<error code="1" description="Error Code Reason" retriable="true" />

Delivery Receipts

See Delivery Receipt Response Codes for more information.