Tag Length Values, also known as TLVs, are optional parameters that can be defined by the aggregator. When using Vibes, you can use these TLVs to define carrier code, specify an alternate route upon message failure, and more. For a full list of our TLVs, please reference our complete protocol PDF.

Carrier Codes

This tag is used to identify the carrier in both incoming (MO) messages and outgoing (MT)) messages.

Parameter Tag2Integer0x1401
Length2IntegerThe length of the Carrier Code.
The Carrier Code.
Refer to the list of carrier codes.

Message Payload

This field is part of the SMPP 3.4/5.0 Specification and is used in place of the short_message fields to send messages up to 900 characters (byte size will vary based on encoding used.)

The message_payload parameter contains the user data. Its function is to provide an alternative means of sending texts above the limit of the short_message field. Applications, which need to send messages longer than 140 bytes, should use the message_payload tag.

When used in the context of a submit_sm PDU, the sm_length field must be set to zero.

FieldSize OctetsTypeValue
Parameter Tag2Integer0x0424
Length2IntegerSet to the length of user data in bytes. Maximum byte length is 1800
Message User Data. Maximum size is 1800 bytes, and the message can be no more than 900 characters with encoding.

Length limitations

An error ESME_RINVMSGLEN (0x00000001) - Message Length is Invalid will be returned if the user data is greater than 1800 bytes or if the encoded message exceeds 900 characters.