You can use this GET call to return carrier information about a specific mobile phone number (MDN). You can also check if the MDN's carrier is a valid mobile carrier that is currently provisioned on a specified code - skip to Carrier Info with Provisioning for examples.

If the MDN is not a valid MDN or if the carrier is not on the Vibes-supported carrier list, an error will be returned.


Encoding a phone number

Make sure to URL encode the '+' character as %2B, because if you just add the plus '+' character in a URL, it is translated to a per HTTP specification.


Below is an example of a URL call for carrier information about the MDN +1 (312) 555-1212. 


Below is an example response for the above URL call. To learn more about carrier codes, please check out our appendix.

<mdn address="+13125551212" carrier="103" /> 

Carrier Info with Provisioning


In this example, the requester is looking to retrieve both carrier information and determine if the MDN's carrier is provisioned on a specific code. This example uses the short code 12345. 

Using an alpha code?

To check if an MDN is provisioned on an alpha code, replace shortcode={shortcode} with alphacode={alphacode}in the URL.{mdn}?alphacode={alphacode}


Below is a typical response for the above request. We can tell that the MDN's carrer is provisioned for this short code because provisioned=”true” was returned.

<mdn address="+13125551212" carrier="103" provisioned="true" /> 
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