Below is a table of the response and error codes you may get after submitting an operation.

Error CodesHex ValueDecimal ValueRetryable?Reasons
ESME_RINVMSGLEN0x000000011NoMessage length is invalid.

- The short_message parameter, if utilized, should be between 1 and 140 bytes long. If long messages need to be sent, SMSC supports concatenated messages using User Data Header (UDH) headers.
- If message_payload parameter is specified, it must be less than 1800 bytes AND the encoded character length must be 900 characters or less.
ESME_RINVCMDID0x000000033NoInvalid or unsupported Command ID in the Protocol Data Unit (PDU).
ESME_RALYBND0x000000055NoBind the PDU received on a bind that is already bound.
ESME_RSYSERR0x000000088YesThis error can be returned for both Bind and SubmitSM PDUs.

- Unable to access the Authentication service to authenticate the Bind credentials in a Bind PDU.
- Unable to access the Carrier Lookup service to determine the carrier for the MDN when not set in a SubmitSM PDU.
- Other processing errors while processing Bind and SubmitSM PDUs.
ESME_RINVSRCADR0x0000000A10NoInvalid source address (short or long code).
ESME_RINVDSTADR0x0000000B11NoInvalid destination address. See Vibes Error Code 26 for more information.
ESME_RBINDFAIL0x0000000D13No- Invalid protocol version - only version 3.4 is supported.
- Exceeded the allowed number of binds for the Bind Type.
ESME_RINVPASWD0x0000000E14NoInvalid password.
ESME_RINVSYSID0x0000000F15NoInvalid System ID.
ESME_RTHROTTLED0x0000005888YesExceeded the allowed throttle rate.
ESME_RINVCARRRIERID0x000004011025No- The CarrierId in the TLV is set to an invalid value.
- CarrierId TLV cannot be parsed.
ESME_RUNACARRIERID0x000004021026NoMDN did not resolve to a supported carrier.
ESME_RINVSRCADRNOTAUTH0x000004031027NoNot authorized to send messages from the specified code.
ESME_RINVSRCADRNOROUTE0x000004041028NoCode not provisioned for the carrier.
ESME_RINVUDHIE0x000004051029NoInvalid Information Element Identifier in UDH header.

The only supported UDH Information Elements (IE) types are the following:

- 0x00: concatenated messages with an 8-bit reference number.
- 0x08: Concatenated messages with a 16-bit reference number.
ESME_RINVDATACODING0x000004061030NoInvalid data coding provided by the ESME. Currently supported values are: 0, 1, 4, 8
ESME_RINVALTDELIVERY0x000004071031NoInvalid value for the Vibes Alternate Delivery TLV.
ESME_RALTDELNOTSUPPORTED0x000004081032NoVibes Alternate Delivery TLV was set for a multi-part message. Alternate deliveries are not supported for multi-part messages.
ESME_RINVCOMPANYKEY0x000004091033NoThe company key in the TLV is set to an invalid value.

Company key TLV cannot be parsed.

Delivery Receipts

See Delivery Receipt Response Codes for more information.