Message Redaction

If you’re sending sensitive information over text message, you may want to enable message redaction, which will prevent the information from being stored in our transaction logs.

Message redaction is turned on at the short code level, meaning if you enable message redaction on a particular short code, all messages and/or phone numbers sent to or from that short code will appear as redacted text.

Please note the following constraints:

  • Message Redaction is enabled by short code. Please check your contract to see if Message Redaction is enabled for your short code.
  • Message copy is replaced with a one-way hashed value that obfuscates the original message copy. Redacted phone numbers are replaced with '999-999-9999'.
  • Unredacted data may remain within transactional logs for internal troubleshooting for up to 30 days.
  • Historical data will be redacted in a one-time process.

If validating TCPA compliance may be required in the future, Vibes does not recommend turning on message redaction. For this reason, we recommend using this feature primarily with our aggregation APIs, but it is available for SMS only in Vibes Platform if compliance is managed via another means.