Choosing an API

Vibes offers three APIs for aggregation, including two interfaces to send and receive SMS messages and one interface to send MMS messages.

HTTP Message API

This interface allows you to send and receive SMS messages via an HTTP call. You can use this to send messages, set up callbacks, and retrieve carrier information about a specific user.

SMPP Gateway API

The SMPP API relies on a bind between endpoints, which communicate at a set interval. Because of the difficulty of setup of an SMPP Gateway, we recommend that SMPP only be used by aggregators experienced with SMPP.

MMS Message API

Like the HTTP Message API, this API allows you to send a message using an HTTP call to our API. However, unlike an SMS, MMS allows you to send messages over 160 characters, as well including pictures, links, and other media along with the text. To do this, we utilize an MM7 Protocol with some additional customer header extensions.

SMS vs. MMS – What's the difference?

SMS stands for “Short Message Service,” more commonly known as text messaging. An SMS can contain up to 900 characters of text, which may be split into 160-character messages, or be sent in a single concatenated message, depending on the carrier. However, SMS does not support media beyond basic text.

MMS stands for “Multimedia Messaging Service.” The service was built to include different types of media beyond just plain text, including images, links, videos, and more. MMS messages generally cost more to send per message; check your contract for more information.

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